Our container has arrived safely in Cape Town!

Our container has arrived safely in Cape Town!

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It took months of waiting, and lots of running around by some VERY dedicated volunteers on two different continents, but alas, we are with our shipping container in Cape Town! We were so pleased to open its doors, which for months remained locked as our container traveled across the seas, from port to port.

The contents, shipped to us from our friends at the Rotary World Help Network in Canada,   are abundant in variety. From medical aid equipment which can be shared with clinics in marginalized communities and elders in need, to sporting equipment for growing youths lacking extracurricular activities at school, it seems as if we have a little bit of everything to address the needs of many. Over the next two months, one of Peace and Love International’s tasks will be to find sustainable use for the thousands of items we’ve had sent to us.  The bulk of our materials are destined for students and teachers at under-resourced township  high schools, and putting those items to good use is the task we’re most excited about! There are a lot of works ahead for us in the next two months as we find the best way to use all of our newly acquired resources, but we know that when this work is done, many community efforts in Cape Town will receive a great boost in delivering much needed services to those requiring assistance. If you keep checking here, we will keep you completely up to date; you can expect a lot of exciting news to come from our efforts in Cape Town in the months to come!

We cannot express enough the gratitude we have for our friends in Rotary. The process of receiving funding for this container was not an easy one, nor was coordinating its shipment. We have to thank all of our friends in Rotary Disctrist 5050 and 9350 for their tireless, selfless work. Two Rotarians, one from each International District, were particularly active in pursuing a grant for this project, and for making sure it arrived safely and with ease through international ports; Isabella Beane and Mike Walwyn, for this we thank you!

In the coming weeks, we will post more updates and photos, introducing you to our community partners and projects that will be utilizing our resources. Stay tuned!

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