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PLI 2012 highlights: teaching, building, and sharing | Peace and Love International

PLI 2012 highlights: teaching, building, and sharing

PLI 2012 highlights: teaching, building, and sharing

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PLI 2012 highlights: teaching, building, and sharing

As this year comes to a close, and upon reflecting on the progress we’ve been able to make, we feel excited about what, with the help of our supporters, will be done next year. Below is a glimpse of programs we will be expanding upon in 2013. We thank you for all for your support!


Upon consultation with the Fisantekraal High School staff and parents of learners, Peace and Love International began developing a much needed academic tutoring program for the youths called Each1Teach1. At the time we began recruiting talented tutors from the University of Cape Town (UCT) we were dismayed by the fact that 86% of the school’s pupils were failing their grades. Our program got off to a strong start thanks to the assistance of UCT student group called Ubunye who for years has developed and maintained tutoring efforts in marginalized communities. By bringing dozens of university students to the high school we managed to assist students eager to improve their academic performance. Though we certainly cannot take credit, students, staff, and the school’s principal are adamant that the program has demonstrated results, and we are thankful that at the end of the school year majority of the students were moving onto the next grade.

We wrapped up our tutoring effort with a unique celebration for the academically-committed high school students who participated in our tutoring effort, taking them on a nature outing thanks to a transportation grant by the HCI Foundation. At the end of 2013 we hope to take even more students on this celebration as we intend to expand our tutoring program to all grades of students at the school (8,9,10, and 11) while diversifying the subjects offered for tutoring. Similarly, our energetic Each1Teach1 steering committee members have been busy planning a recruitment drive for the new year, naturally making us very excited about the wonderful tutors joining our team in the months to come.


In 2012 Peace and Love International received a generous Matching Grant from Rotary Clubs in Canada and South Africa which saw the shipment of a 12 meter container from Vancouver to Cape Town. The contents of the container were thoughtfully gathered by The Rotary World Help Network and packed by kind Rotarians who made every effort to fill the container to its maximum capacity with medical supplies, educational materials, sporting equipment, musical instruments, and everything in between! We were eager to receive this support not only for the fact that it allowed up to expand and enhance our initiatives, but equally for the fact that it enabled us to reach out to our community partners doing quality work for those in need. To this end, PLI was able to share thousands of items with over +20 organizations, including Red Cross Children’s Hospital, 2 under-resourced government hospitals, 7 Rotary Clubs, and over 15 community organizations such as Noluthando School for the Deaf, Education Without Borders, and the South African Education and Environment Project. The ripple effect created by the Rotarians who worked so hard to deliver these goods to us is beyond measure and we thank them on behalf of all our community partners in Cape Town.


This year we broke ground at Fisantekraal High School and were able to construct a netball court for the new school’s first pupils. Netball is a sport traditionally played by woman, but our aim to break this gender barrier at the school by offering a program for male students while providing a rare opportunity for the school’s female students to participate in a meaningful, empowering group activity. Like all our other programs this one too shall focus on life-skills, using sport as a medium for confidence building and positive decision making while academic stipulations of the program will seek to enhance educational performance. The court was completed in December 2012 and the first teams will be offered to the youths in the new school year. The construction of the court was sponsored by Rotary Clubs in North America and South Africa.

    Thank YOU

2012 has been PLI’s most successful year yet. We would not have been able to do what we’ve done without the support of people like you, countless Rotarians, school staff, community members, organizations like Ubunye, Rotary, and the HCI Foundation, dedicated volunteer from the University of Cape Town, and extraordinary individuals serving on our board of directors in South Africa and Canada. If you believe in the work we do, please share this post – hopefully it will result in us meeting more people like you, allowing us to continually expand our efforts for those in need.

Wishing you a wonderful new year,

The Peace and Love International Team

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