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Each 1 Teach 1: A Tutor’s Perspective | Peace and Love International

Each 1 Teach 1: A Tutor’s Perspective

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“The thirst to learn is as strong and buoyant as ever…”

A tutor’s perspective: words by Sofia Viruly. Photos by Laura Viruly.

There have been few times this year that I have been truly amazed.

If anything, there must be only a handful of times when one is gifted such an emotion. However, working for Each1Teach1 has provided such moments with astonishing regularity.

Not only has the organisation grown this year but also the achievements, both big and small, have truly been noteworthy. Saturday tutoring has been one of our greatest achievements. The commitment from the tutors has been amazingly dedicated; we were unable to tutor on only five Saturdays this entire year. We have a group of about eight tutors who I have come to know, and hugely appreciate.

Our tutors have not only grown together as a group, but the children have made close bonds with them too. The children we have worked with this year have been very special. Not only have they become more confident in their spoken English but also their written English is improving at an astonishing level. Yes, grammatically there is much to teach them, but they are not short of creativity. We have had stories about cows transforming into goats, and ghost stories mixed in with romantic poems. They all love to act, sing and dance; a spectacle we got to see with our Fisantekraal Has Talent.

Maths has also seen a steady improvement. Our tutors have taught Maths (many times without a textbook) and the classes have remained at a steady number thought the year. While there is still a language barrier, which proves to be problematic at times, it is wonderful to see how both tutors and students interact and find common ground.

There is no doubt that the tutoring is seminal, but we have always been about more than just the academic sphere. The children have not only had the chance to go on outings but have taken part in workshops on drugs and teen pregnancy. This holistic and multifaceted approach is something that we value with the highest of importance.

It has certainly been a year of significant challenges and there have been many obstacles to overcome; but the tangible results and the positivity exude at every meeting with these young learners has been ever reaffirming. The thirst to learn is as strong and buoyant as ever. I have no doubt that there is a bright future for Each1Teach1; our own motivation to further establish channels of opportunity is certainly as high as ever.  

Peace & Love.

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