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The Sweet Sound of Music | Peace and Love International

The Sweet Sound of Music

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The Fisantekraal High School Music Programme began in August 2013 with a group of motivated young high school students extremely excited to engage, in what was for most was their very first musical experience.  The aim of the programme was to introduce the students of Fisantekraal to musical expression with an instrument that was both familiar and popular to them – the guitar.

We began with teaching the students the basic structure and fundamentals of reading and interpreting music on their guitars, with the long-term goals of teaching them to play songs and participate in performance. The students displayed extraordinary talent under the tutelage of their guitar teacher, and within the first three months they were ready to play in their first stage performance, Mr and Mrs Fisantekraal. Along with the student’s progression, a stout sense of discipline was developed. They realised that learning an instrument is not something that is simply recreation and entertainment, but that true mastery and success came from the commitment and effort that one puts into an activity.

The programme was combined with other Each 1 Teach 1 academic efforts in compulsory school subjects to create holistic educational development programme that encourages and supports achievements of all kind. After seeing the dedication in which these kids approach their work, we are planning to enlist them in music theory and practical exams through Trinity Guild Hall, and we are confident in their ability to succeed at it. We hope in time to establish a more complete music programme with multiple instrument choices and if successful, a fully-fledged music department that includes music as a subject choice for those wanting to study it at a tertiary level.

Each 1 Teach 1 began this programme with the hope that the dedication and skill development that music demands will give the students the confidence and drive that will help them succeed in all areas of their life and encourage them to inspire other members of both their school and community to achieve. With the progression that these students have made in these past few months we believe we are well on our way to giving students a chance to pursue music further and make it a part of their lives.

Peace & Love.

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