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It’s Awards Time! | Peace and Love International

It’s Awards Time!

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It was a proud evening for learners and parents alike. An occasion when hard work and academic achievement were given their just reward. On Wednesday evening, Fisantekraal Secondary School hosted its annual awards ceremony.

The theme of the evening was “The Sky is the Limit”, a theme that seemed to have great resonance with the learners. As animated as ever, the learners nodded, clapped and cheered as the two speakers delivered their impassioned speeches. This sense of enthusiastic support and genuine celebration of achievement became even more realised when the awards started to be announced. With every name called came a whoop of appreciation and laughter. Each learner showed their happiness upon receiving their award in very different ways. Some beamed from ear to ear, some danced, some looked tentative, some even looked mildly embarrassed by the sheer volume of accolades they received. But the overwhelming emotion was one of pride. The recognition and celebration of achievement is an integral part to any learners progression and confidence – it reaffirms their commitment and drive towards their own education in lure of some extremely testing social circumstances.

It was also incredibly encouraging to see that so many of the learners that received awards were regular attendants to the Each 1 Teach 1 tutoring programme. Those individuals that came almost every single Saturday and put in the extra effort and dedication to reach that higher grade. Its confirmed the importance of the programme as an invaluable tool in helping provide the opportunities and frameworks so that every learner can try and reach their full potential. The foundations have been securely put in place; but now as ever, it is vital to continue to build upon the amazing initiative the programme has begun. Next year’s award ceremony promises to be even bigger and better.


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