Within an hour of the 7.0 magnitude earthquake striking the Caribbean nation of Haiti on January 12th, 2010, Peace and Love International launched a comprehensive appeal to raise funds to aid the desperately needed emergency efforts on the ground. In an effort to maximize funds raised, Peace & Love International partnered with a private partner who committed to matching all funds raised by Peace and Love International over the next 3 days for its Humanitarian Crisis Response for Haiti. At the same time, the Canadian government committed to matching all donations made to any charitable Canadian organization operating in Haiti. In 3 days, Peace and Love International managed to raise $2900, which was matched by our generous partner to $5800, which was once more doubled by the Canadian Government to a total of $11,600! Peace & Love International transferred the $11,600 funds raised to support the humanitarian efforts of the The Canadian Red Cross in Haiti. This was followed by a second push days later where the total was raised to just under $20,000.