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Palestine | Peace and Love International


Peace & Love International partnered with Hope Flowers School in Bethlehem, Palestine to create a unique and empowering art project.Hope Flowers caught Peace & Love International’s attention dueto their unshakable commitment to peace, understanding, cooperation,and equality. The school, who’s students range from kindergarten to grade 6, created over 20 drawings depicting how the children feel about their lives. Each drawing was accompanied with a photograph of the child and an explanation by the child of what she or he drew. The art work was then professionally framed by Peace & Love volunteers and put on exhibit both in Canada and US. The exhibits did a great jobof bringing attention to the plight of the children and also raised thousands of dollars which were sent back to the school to send children whose families could not afford to pay their tuition to school. Read more…

Art For Hope

Peace and Love International has partnered with Hope Flowers School in Bethleham in undertaking a uniquely empowering art project. The school’s students, ranging in levels from kindergarten to grade 6, submitted over 20 drawings, depicting how they felt about their lives, accompanied by their own photographs, to P&L volunteers in Vancouver, Canada. After being professionally framed, the pictures were placed on exhibits in both Canada and the United States.

Thousands of dollars were raised as the exhibits drew attention to the effects of conflict and violence on Palestinian children. All the acquired funds were used to help children from low income households, as well as those with imprisoned or deceased parents, attend school.

Our goal is to re-exhibit the work in order to raise awareness about the plight of youths in conflict while supporting the great works of our partner school.