Fisantekraal Bike Club

Fisantekraal Bike Club is headed up by bike mechanic and trainer Brenna Coupland who takes groups of students through an eight week programme of breaking down and building up broken bicycles.

At the end of the eight weeks regular attendees have gained knowledge and confidence and have earned the bike they have fixed which they can then ride away to use both in the Fisantekraal community and use to travel wider – to cycle, to explore. As an explorer and long distance cyclist Brenna understands how simply owning a bicycle and knowing how to fix it can build confidence and improve and expand one’s life.

One great heart warming aspect of the programme is seeing older youth who have completed the programme return to bike club to help the younger members build their skills. The mixed age of the youth members makes for a tight knit and caring community of young bike enthusists.

Want to be a part of something cool? Volunteer alongside Brenna and let her show you the ropes! If you can handle her terrible puns you will have a great time. Follow and contact Brenna on facebook

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Practising changing a tyre

Visiting Songo at the Kayamandi Bike Dirt Track