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Sisters’ Aid | Peace and Love International

Sisters’ Aid

Reacting to the attacks which the densely-populated homeless community in Gorachoqua Mountain was put under in September 2010, Peace & Love International quickly disbursed emergency first-aid equipment to women living in the mountain-slums who stayed behind at the time of conflict to take care of the young, old, and injured.

The first attack on the heavily impoverished hill-side community, where resident lack access to water or hygienic facilities,  left many casualties, with some individuals being shot in the face, eyes, and in an one case, the genitals. Tear gas, stun-grenades, and rubber bullets rained upon the community.

All demographics present in the community that morning we’re injured, with the suffering of those hit heightened due to lack access to first-aid and medical personnel. As such, Peace & Love shared first-aid supplies with women in the community who take care of the injured both for the sake of recovery, and for planned protection in case of future attacks. Our hope remains that no such event ever takes place again, but many Hangberg residents continue to leave in fear.