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Smile Education | Peace and Love International

Smile Education

The prevalent social circumstance for most in South Africa renders basic necessities, such as oral hygiene and primary education, beyond the conception of many families. Childhood toothaches are regularly dealt with by extracting sore teeth, leaving children permanently toothless. To address these issues, Peace and Love International initiated an oral-health trial, taking children and youths who could not access such services to Cape Town for professional oral care and education.

Taking children out of the township and into Cape Town, Peace and Love International has provided children with not only oral care, but also oral education which the children involved can then share with their peers in the community who are unable to receive treatment. Our hope is that the community will soon be supported to have its own oral care clinic.

We thank our friends and supporters at the clinic for sharing their services and talents selflessly with our youths, and the private individuals who sponsored our transportation and nutrition for the day.